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 Chiropractic Treatments & Pain Management in New Martinsville, West Virginia

With our pain management and chiropractic treatments, we can detect problems and treat injuries. Visit our office in New Martinsville, West Virginia, for the help you need. We provide a wide range of chiropractic services, including:

• Spinal Adjustments
• Electric Muscle Stimulation
• Mechanical Traction
• Therapeutic Massage
• Therapeutic Exercises
• X-Rays
• Heat Therapy
• Ultrasound

Chiropractic Treatments

At our office, we see patients with sports, auto, and work-related injuries. We have successfully provided pain management for many patients, and we help you handle all types of pain, including:

• Neck Pain
• Back Pain
• Leg Pain
• Arm Pain

• Knee Pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Joint Pain
• Sinus Pain
• Muscle Pain
• Nerve Impingement

Treating Your Symptoms & Ailments

No matter what type of pain you are dealing with, we will try to provide you with some pain relief. We help you with other areas in your life, including lifestyle, weight management, exercise, and nutrition.

We have healthy cookbooks in our waiting room for you to browse through. If you find a recipe you would like to try, let us know and we will copy it for you!

Some of the symptoms and ailments we treat include: 

• Chronic Pain
• Radiating Pain
• Muscle Stress
• Menopause
• Strain
• Tightness

• Tingling
• Numbness
• Headaches
• Stiffness
• Asthma
• Stress
• Sciatica
• Carpel Tunnel
• TMJ Jaw Pain
• Hypertension


Trusted Products 

• Thorne™ Fish Super EPA
  Fish Oil Supplements
  - Great for Joint Inflammation

• Bio Freeze™ Topical Ointment
  - Relieves Muscle Pain & Stiffness
• Exercise Balls
• Braces
• Chiropractic Pillows

Contact us today in New Martinsville, West Virginia, when you need to
schedule an appointment for pain management services or chiropractic treatments.